Is E-ZPass one company?

The E-ZPass Group is an association of toll entities in 17 states which provides the public with a seamless, accurate method for paying tolls at E‑ZPass facilities.

Do I have to sign up for E‑ZPass in each state that I want to travel in? Which one do I need?

No, you only have to sign up with one agency in order to experience the convenience of using E‑ZPass anywhere E‑ZPass is accepted.

Certain toll agencies offer discount programs to their frequent customers. It is suggested that you inquire about any discount programs with an agency in the state that you do your most traveling in, and if applicable establish your account there.

I need to update my credit card, address or other account information.

Please visit the website for the agency that issued your transponder and go to the account management section or the contact us section of their website.

My E‑ZPass did not work. Can I change the battery?

The E‑ZPass must be mounted to the vehicle as prescribed by the agency who issued the transponder. In most cases the transponder must be mounted to the top of the windshield oriented with the label so that you can read it normally and not upside down.

The Standard E‑ZPass battery has about a 10 year life under normal usage conditions.

There are no user replaceable components in your E‑ZPass.

If you have a properly mounted device and are having problems please contact your E‑ZPass service center for assistance.

I have an E‑ZPass and got a violation notice or bill from another state.

This usually means one of two things.

Your transponder was not read and a photo of your license plate was taken and the license plate is not listed on your account as required.

Your account may have had insufficient funds when the transaction was attempted.

You will need to contact your Customer Service Center to assist you in identifying the problem.

How can I speak with a real person?

Please visit the website of the agency that issued your transponder for their contact information.

Most agencies have staffed service centers that you may physically visit if needed. Please see their website for more information on locations of their service centers.

How do I know which agency issued my E‑ZPass?

If you look at your transponder it will have the agency who issued your transponder along with their phone number and address as well as a serial number of the transponder.

I tried logging in to my E‑ZPass account and my password does not work.

If you are trying to login on this website www.e‑ you are in the wrong place. You will need to visit the website of the agency that issued your account and try to login there. Their site should have password recovery tools to assist you with access to your account.